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STOP worrying about your plants!

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Convenience: Our smart devices make plant care effortless, saving you time and hassle.


Peace of Mind: With our technology, you can rest assured that your plants are receiving optimal care, even when you're away.


Commitment to Quality: We're dedicated to delivering products that exceed your expectations, ensuring that your plants thrive and flourish.

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Smart, user friendly plant pal

At ezQua, we're passionate about revolutionizing the way plant lovers care for their green companions. Our mission is simple: to empower individuals with busy lifestyles to enjoy the beauty of lush, thriving plants effortlessly.

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What We Offer ?

• Innovative Smart Watering and Plant Care Devices: Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your plants receive the perfect amount of water and care, tailored to their needs.
• Hassle-Free Plant Maintenance: Say goodbye to worrying about watering schedules and plant care routines. Our devices take the guesswork out of plant care, allowing you to enjoy your greenery without the stress.
• Expert Advice and Support: We're more than just a product – we're your partner in plant care success. Our team of experts is here to provide guidance, tips, and assistance every step of the way.

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We Are the Saviours Of Plants

ezQua offers precise control over watering schedules, ensuring that each plant receives the optimal amount of water.
With the ezQua mobile app, users can easily monitor and adjust watering schedules remotely, providing convenience and flexibility.
The smart technology integrated into ezQua devices maximizes water usage efficiency, promoting sustainable gardening practices.
Users can customize watering schedules for individual plants, accommodating their unique needs and promoting healthier growth.

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